Food in Film Blogathon…

source: Warner Brothers

Most of my ventures into classic films either involve gangsters, showgirls, cabaret singers or comedians, not prison chain gangs.

So, when the movie I’m reviewing for this blogathon finished, I was rearing and ready to go shovel some dirt and start an uprising (preferably both.)

When I originally viewed Cool Hand Luke, I was astounded at how gritty and real it felt. I grieved with each and every character, I understood the pain they were going through. I empathized with them – I couldn’t imagine how distressing it must have been, albeit they were criminals, working in conditions that, I must say, were 10 steps below human decency.

You can understand my relief when, halfway through the movie, director Stuart Rosenberg decided to inject a bit of life into an otherwise upsetting series of events.

Eggs, it had to be hardboiled eggs.

I abhor them, I loathe them. I hate them more than okra (and that’s saying something; it’s the texture folks!)

Cool Hand Paul
“The look I give someone when they offer me eggs…” source: Warner Bros.

When Luke (played by everyone’s favorite salad dressing entrepreneur Paul Newman) stupidly accepts a dare that he could inhale eat 50 eggs in an hour, I just about gagged.

I sat there as I watch him struggle to get every last bite of those wretched little creatures down his esophagus and to his stomach. At one point some of his fellow prisoners – one of which played by George Kennedy, helps him by using various techniques to “stretch his belly.”

Luckily for me, this scene only lasted for a couple of minutes, but alas the damage was done…….until I snooped around on the internet and educated myself on the skills of making ‘movie magic.’

Turns out Paul Newman never swallowed an egg. Apparently, a reporter asked him about that infamous scene and Newman claims that not once did an egg grace his tongue.

You can visualize my expression when I read this.

The scene looked so real, maybe it’s my naivety, but I would’ve like to think that Paul actually went through something as horrid as ingesting 50 eggs.

Perhaps, that scene was just another fabulous example of movie magic, I suppose.

Bravo, Bravo.

Cool Hand Paul 2
source: Warner Bros.

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18 thoughts on “Food in Film Blogathon…

  1. Ha! I love hardboiled eggs (and, for that matter, okra, although my wife won’t touch the stuff). So far as eating 50 in an hour is concerned, I imagine it wouldn’t be the actual eating that’d be the problem but the, um, repercussions. Not an experiment I’d like to try outside ER.

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  2. Aside from the dinner rolls (I absolutely LOVE bread), my favorite part of Thanksgiving meals is deviled eggs. Although I couldn’t down 50 of them…or even more than about 5 in one sitting.) Plain hard boiled eggs are a different matter. I need the spice.

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  3. Lol I like the way you describe eggs as ” wretched little creatures “! I like eggs but not to the point to accept an, indeed, stupid challenge. That was a pretty entertaining article on this scene! I’ve always loved Cool Hand Luke!

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  4. Why you got to go and say fifty eggs for? Why not thirty-five or thirty-nine? ………….. I thought it was a nice round number.
    Love this movie and I’m not alone. So iconic in so many ways from Paul to Strother and the quotes within.

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  5. I understand that. I loathe boiled eggs sooooo much – because I chocked on one once. This scene also disgusted me – and I was very relieved when I learned he ate no eggs.
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! 🙂

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