The Second Annual Judy Garland Blogathon…

source: Warner Bros.

A lot has been written about Judy Garland.

Whether it be about her life, death or anything in between, you can’t deny that Garland‘s career has left a lasting mark on Hollywood.

There was a period of time where Garland was treated as a laughing stock. Ridiculed and mocked for her many problems, she was all but finished by the time the 1950s rolled around. Luckily, that all changed with one script, a world-class director, and dream that wouldn’t die.

In 1954, Garland had the best year of her life. Coming back from being banished by the film industry, she had a triumphant return to form with her starring role in A Star is Born.

Critically and commercially acclaimed, Garland was thrust back into the limelight with her heartbreaking performance as aspiring singer Vicki Lester.

This was it, with that role, Garland’s comeback would cement her legacy as one of the greatest of all time.

But, before that could happen in walks in a 25-year-old Grace Kelly.

grace Kelly 1
source: Paramount Pictures

As a wrote before, Grace Kelly was quite the peculiar figure. Dubbed an ‘Ice Queen’ by many, in reality, Grace just wanted to be taken seriously as an actress and a performer.

Fortunately for the Philadelphia native, she had her feelings confirmed by the academy when she was nominated and won her Oscar for The Country Girl.

What about Mrs. Garland, you ask?

Well, that’s where the fun really begins.

As you may know, Garland was the favorite for the Oscar that year. Everyone and their mother believed that she would take it home- and rightfully so.

Grace won it based on two things: her popular and the sheer amount of films she made that year.

In 1954, Kelly starred in 5 films, some of them include, Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, and Green Fire. MGM worked the poor girl to death, and perhaps the Academy felt the need to repay her.

Kelly‘s body of work that year may have outshone Garland‘s powerful performance, and eventually cost Judy the Oscar.

That’s not to say that Grace‘s role in The Country Girl wasn’t great, it was more than great, it was wonderful, but Judy‘s was out of this world.

starisborn 2
source: Warner Bros.

I think it’s fair to say the reason why Grace received the Oscar that year was the same reason why Leonard DiCaprio won his award a few years ago, same could be said with Julianne Moore – a great body of work, above average role.

In the eyes of the Academy, your body of work is more influential than whoever had the best performance that year. Unfortunately, for Judy, her ‘snub’ was the first in long line of Academy Award blunders.




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14 thoughts on “The Second Annual Judy Garland Blogathon…

  1. So true. And then years later in 1961, Garland was the odds-on favorite to win Best Supporting Actress for Judgment at Nuremberg. Recently, Rita Moreno was on the Academy Awards and remembered that she almost skipped the ceremony because everyone said Judy was going to win. Of course, Rita got it for West Side Story.

    I do think if Judy had lived a bit longer, she would have made more films and finally copped that gold statuette. She used to joke that her mini “munchkin” Juvenile Oscar for Wizard of Oz was too small to even make a good toothpick.

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    • ooof, I agree Chris. Same thing with James Dean, I wish Judy would’ve lived longer. I didn’t know about that tidbit about her and Rita Moreno, very interesting and funny, really. HAHA


  2. Thanks for participating in the blogathon, and bringing this fantastic post to our attention. Judy and Gene are such a great on-screen couple. They have that magnetic chemistry and are just enchanting to watch. I’ve always had a crush on Gene Kelly.

    I’m also hosting another blogathon. I would love to invite you to participate. Here is the link below with more details.

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  3. Oops. Wrong post. This comment was meant for the other post on Judy and Gene. Haha. My bad.

    Anyway, many thanks for participating in the blogathon with this great post. I’ve always felt that Judy deserved the Oscar for her role in “A Star is Born”. I would call this her best performance. As much as I like Grace Kelly, I really don’t feel that she was that deserving of the Oscar, but that is just my opinion. That being said, Kelly did deliver a remarkable performance in “The Country Girl”.
    I had the pleasure of seeing “A Star Is Born” on the big screen a few months back.

    I know I posted the link on the above comment, but you can discard that comment. Anyway, you are cordially invited to join my next blogathon. Here is the link again.

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  4. Agreed. Judy was amazing in this and she had worked so hard on the film. I think two actresses deserved the award this year; the first was Dorothy Dandridge for her incredible performance in Carmen Jones, and the second was Judy. I like Grace and I think her performance was good, but I think she only got the award because she was playing a woman who was the opposite of Grace’s beauty and elegance.

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