Thank You, TCM

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It’s been awhile.

Life continues on, whether you like it or not. Despite that, I want to take the time out to write about something that’s changed my life – for the better.

In 2013, I was fairly young, high school aged to be exact. I had no clue what I wanted to do with myself.

I didn’t want to be a doctor or a lawyer like my fellow classmates, I just wanted to coast through and enjoy life. I had no plans, I liked living, I liked watching soccer and generally being a nuisance.

This all changed when I was required to take a high school elective on cinema appreciation

It was in this class that I was exposed to numerous films that would influence me for the foreseeable future:

and yes…

source: Columbia Pictures

There were others, of course, but these were the ones that stood out in my mind the most. They formed me, they helped me understand that there’s more depth to movies that I had originally expected.

So, I started digging.

Thanks to TCM, I found a treasure trove of classic pictures that shaped who I am. From Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant to James Cagney and Ginger Rogers, I was absolutely enthralled with what I was seeing.

I discovered the magic of classic films, I immersed myself in this world. I loved them, breathed them, and dreamt of them.

Because of this, I started to carry myself with a lot more confidence, I dug into the past of these actors and actresses. I learned about the backgrounds of these people and I lived through them. It affected the way I looked at life.

I thought to myself, “if the glitz and glamour of Hollywood could cover up some of the trials and tribulations that these actors and actresses were going through why can’t I keep my chin up during hard times?”

In summation, my love for history and classic films had a direct correlation to how I saw myself.

Isn’t that what movies are about?

Whisking you away for a couple of hours to forget about life?

Thank you, TCM, I really mean it.



8 thoughts on “Thank You, TCM

  1. I am desperately missing TCM in Australia! 😦

    After almost 20 years of it on pay-tv (including its’ earlier incarnation as TNT), the provider in Australia removed it which has left classic film fans like myself very upset. I’m hoping it will stream at some point or make a return to pay-tv.

    I enjoyed your lovely words on classic film and TCM. There’s a magic and poetry to them that have also sustained me – I have often said and believe that classic films are like old friends that I am always happy to see again.

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  2. Ok I Know TCM in America and yes I love America it is a great country I agree with you there as I lived for 35 years in the US. I used to watch TCM all the time. I love Robert Osborne every night presenting a film that he will talk about before he launches the movie. I love the essential on Saturday commenting on a great film and then we view it after the film he does more commentating he is a film historian. I so miss that. I am in France now (I am from there) We have TCM for 3.50 euros a month lucky me. Nice post. I am trying to get a job in cinema myself since I am nuts about great films like you. Not easy. Nice post. Have fun.

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