10 Questions With Grace Kelly

source: The Hollywood Reporter

As you may know, Grace Kelly left Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier the third of Monaco. This decision was met with elation by many, but, there are also people who wonder: “what would’ve happen if Grace never left Hollywood?”

This popped into my head recently due to an assignment I had during my mass communications class at university.

We had to pick any person in history and ‘ask them’ ten questions that would provoke a breaking news headline.

Here are my 10:

  1. What was it like on your wedding day?
  2. Were you nervous marrying into a royal family?
  3. Do you still keep in contact with any of your ex co-stars?
  4. If so, who is the one you spoke with most recently?
  5. Do you ever want to get back into acting?
  6. Do you think about how your life may be different had you continued acting?
  7. What would you do if Alfred Hitchcock gave you the opportunity to come out of retirement?
  8. Would you accept his offer?
  9. What if one of your three children wanted to go into acting?
  10. How do feel about the shift in social attitudes since your twenties?

As you can tell, these are questions that I’m sure every classic film fan would love to hear the answers to.

I often wonder what it would’ve been like had Grace returned to the silver screen. But alas, all we have are pipe dreams and daydreams to keep us satiated.

I’ll leave with with this: a letter correspondence between Hitchcock and Grace when the former offered the role as ‘Marnie’ in the movie title of the same name.

Grace’s letter to Hitchcock
Hitch’s rather…curt response

4 thoughts on “10 Questions With Grace Kelly

  1. Over luncheon to-day, a friend and I were speculating as to what would have happened had Grace Kelly decided not to marry Rainier, but rather, to go forward with her career. I gather her marriage was not a happy one – not the least because of Rainier’s philandering, and his general indifference to her needs. Her father had to give Rainier a dowry (!) of two million dollars (the equivalent of more than eighteen million to-day), and many thought at the time that he had married her to enhance the prestige Of Monaco ( a grand place to visit and live). Her first love was the theatre, and I believe she would have had a happier life had she never met Rainier.

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    • I agree with this. I actually read a biography on Grace that touched on that as well. I do believe that she probably would’ve been happier living in NYC with an actor/ fashion designer/ and or director husband. But alas…


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