AGAM Emergency Post: I WANT MY TCM

Hello all.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday, I, for one, am not.

Just yesterday I found out that my cable service Comcast has moved TCM to what appears to be a ‘More Sports and Entertainment’ package. Understandably I was absolutely livid when I found out about the decision.

TCM and I have been inseparable since high school, and to have it suddenly pulled from my daily viewing availability is…..quite infuriating.

Of course like any good late millennial, I immediately went to Twitter to see what other Comcast having, TCM viewers were going through.

Predictably, Comcast’s decision was met with a ton of upset customers and miffed streamers. It looks as if TCM tried to remedy the situation by replying to angry consumers with a link that leads them to other cable packages that cost significantly less than what Comcast is offering.

Comcast, naturally, attempted to fix the situation by frantically direct messaging anyone who tweets angrily about the situation.

How will this be fixed?

Well, either Comcast returns TCM to its basic cable package, or they’ll see a mass exodus of customers leaving to other cable platforms.

I have a feeling this incident is far from over.

10 thoughts on “AGAM Emergency Post: I WANT MY TCM

  1. Your best solution might be to find another provider. You might think the loss of TCM is a big deal — and it assuredly is — but Comcast is currently leading the charge toward the Supreme Court to allow corporations, like Comcast, to fire people purely on the grounds of their sexuality.

    Me, I’m elderly, white, male and straight — presumably the exact demographic to which the toads at Comcast think they’re appealing — but us old guys aren’t all stupid.

    Any corporation that denies climate science should be strung up. That includes Comcast.

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    • Definitely. I’m looking into FUBOTV. I’m a big sports fan as well, and it has all the channels we’re looking for as well as TCM. Plus Comcast has been dodgy for us constantly. I think it’s time for a change.


  2. You can watch TCM on your computer (and presumably, connect the computer to your television set). There are though several sites where you will find a far greater selection of classic films than can be found on TCM:-
    Kristine Rose Classic Movies
    Kanopy (register with your library card)
    Rarefilmm [this is not a misspelling]

    All of these sites are free.

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