AGAM Emergency Post: I WANT MY TCM

Hello all.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday, I, for one, am not.

Just yesterday I found out that my cable service Comcast has moved TCM to what appears to be a ‘More Sports and Entertainment’ package. Understandably I was absolutely livid when I found out about the decision.

TCM and I have been inseparable since high school, and to have it suddenly pulled from my daily viewing availability is…..quite infuriating.

Of course like any good late millennial, I immediately went to Twitter to see what other Comcast having, TCM viewers were going through.

Predictably, Comcast’s decision was met with a ton of upset customers and miffed streamers. It looks as if TCM tried to remedy the situation by replying to angry consumers with a link that leads them to other cable packages that cost significantly less than what Comcast is offering.

Comcast, naturally, attempted to fix the situation by frantically direct messaging anyone who tweets angrily about the situation.

How will this be fixed?

Well, either Comcast returns TCM to its basic cable package, or they’ll see a mass exodus of customers leaving to other cable platforms.

I have a feeling this incident is far from over.

TCM’s ’50 States in 50 Movies’ Spotlight

……this is such a brilliant idea

The U.S is a great country, I don’t care what anyone says.

No country is a large and diverse as these 50 different states in the union.

From the golden coasts of California to the Rocky Mountains of the Appalachians, the United States is truly a sight to behold – especially when you have time to burn during the summer.

It’s only fitting that movies and traveling fit together. Turner Classic Movies, better known as ‘TCM’ has begun this fantastic new film spotlight that focuses on ’50 Movies from 50 different states.

Starting in New England, then making its way down to New York City, then with a quick stop down South, then onward toward Florida, going back up to the midwest, then down the Missippi River, all the way out to the Wild West, then eventually ending on the sun-kissed coasts of California.

Every Monday and Tuesday this July, you will be able to enjoy your favorite classic movies while exploring the great open roads of the United States.

monument-valley TCM
source: Lonely Planet

With films like Key Largo, The Philadelphia Story, and High Society to thrillers and dramas like Anatomy of a Murder and A Summer Place to westerns like the iconic Giant, this TCM spotlight has something for everyone.

If you’d like to clear the cobwebs when it comes to catching up on your favorite movies, there’s literally no better time to do this.

So, sit back grab a drink, pop some popcorn, put on your fuzzy slippers and take a tour around the United States – TCM style.

If you’d like to read more about the lineup, click: here