The world of classic films is a wonderful one. Filled with romance, action and adventure, is it any wonder that the folks that made these films are just as interesting as the movies they starred in?

My name is Alex, and welcome to ‘Anybody got a match?’

This blog is dedicated to the ‘other’ side of classic Hollywood, the stories you normally never hear about.

What was Clark Gable’s favorite brand of cigarette? Or how did Jane Powell like her breakfast in the morning?

Classic Hollywood was truly magical, and I’m, determined to uncover every hidden story from that era.

I take a look at my favorite classic films, review them, then try to sprinkle in a historical fact or two about the movie. Whether it be the shenanigans on the set of Mogambo or the alleged cat fighting during the production of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, if the information is out there, I’ll find it.

Welcome to my site!

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