‘Musings’ are a series of writings where I rant and rave about various classic Hollywood people, places, movies or whatever is currently bugging my brain – whether it be good or bad.

Drunk Paul Newman
Drunk Paul Newman

Late Nights, Early Flights, Green Tea, and Lisa Carol Fremont 


The Influence Of Paris on Classic Hollywood Cinema

Hollywood in Paris

Poor Lizabeth Scott……or should I say, Van Heflin?

Lizabeth and Van in TSLOMI

 5 Great Books That Every Classic Film Fan Should Read

Rita Hayworth
“Whenever someone says black and white movies are boring…”

Surviving Hurricane Irma with Ava Gardner

My Apologies, Mr. Hitchcock

source: Gaumont-British Picture Corporation

The Short-Lived Romance of Kim Novak and Sammy Davis Jr.

source: Alamy/Illustration by Shaylyn Esposito

A Year With AGaM?

…my reaction when I found out the news.

Classic Movies are Food for the Soul

source: MGM’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

The Legend of James Dean

Jimmy Dean
source: Coco Zanvit

Thank You, TCM

TCM logo1
source: Turner Broadcasting Company

TCM’s ’50 States in 50 Movies’ Spotlight

TCM 50 states.
source: Business Jet Traveler

Salvador Dali Questions Our Sanity in Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound

Dali Hitch
source: United Artists

10 Questions With Grace Kelly

An Ode to Doris Day

The Blistering on-screen Romance of Clark Gable and Joan Crawford

source: MGM