An Ode to Doris Day


When I heard the news that Doris Day passed away, I initially believed it was a hoax.

The news was so baffling that I strangely thought that maybe it had been a mistake.

Unfortunately, it was very real and my heart couldn’t contain the heartache that it went through. Doris was one of the first actresses I got into when i first started watching classic films, so to hear that she finally went to be with the big guy upstairs hurt me quite a bit.

Pillow Talk, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Please Don’t Eat the Daises were some of the first films I bought on blu-ray thanks to her.

Her movies opened the door to a world of romantic comedies, and eventually this lead me to discover her music and discography. Not only was Doris extraordinarily charming on screen, she also had a lovely voice.

Most of Doris‘ movies were also horribly overlooked.

I actually remember reading on one TCM discussion board that someone didn’t bother checking out her movies cause they felt too “Saturday mornings at your grandmother’s house.”


Not only is this statement off base, I wish the user well, but that’s grossly misunderstanding the power of Day‘s movies.

She could act, very well, actually. Even though most of her movies were considered to be “friendly” they were never boring.

In fact she added an extra dimension to all of her performances, that’s why she was also so adept at transitioning to serious roles like Midnight Lace, The Man Who Knew Too Much and Love Me or Leave Me– masterpieces.

Doris Day was one of a kind and with each year that passes, we lose classic Hollywood stars. Ms. Day‘s life personified the longevity of these movies.

One can only hope that her movies and music are celebrated for another 97 years.

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